About me

Hi everyone,

I took a few years off (from school) after high school and took care of the people who raised me (my grandparents & great aunt) while they were terminally ill. After they passed away, I went back to school. I got my AA in Business from MCC in 2005 . Three years later, I got my bachelor's degree in Statistics from Rutgers University.
I am currently taking classes online, for my masters degree in Math Education. My masters thesis is rooted in distance adult Math Education, math anxiety, and technology use in the college math classroom
I've been working as a tutor at MCC since 2003.  One day, a co-worker overheard me while I was working with a group of statistics students and she planted the seed.  She suggested that I start listening to my students, pursue a career in adult math education. I love helping people realize that there is no reason to be afraid of numbers unless they're a negative balance of your bank account